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NTUST-ISA Sport Day 2007

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Sport Day was the first event held by NTUST-ISA for celebrate NTUST-ISA birthday on October, 23 every years. The events include Badminton match, estafette sprint, basketball match, table tennis match and football match on November, 3 2007. These event match between old NTUST-ISA student and their junior. After those event we hold a little party for celebrate the NTUST-ISA birthday party. Ate 2 pieces of pizza for each members and watched video/pictures about those day event. The main objective of these event was to make a good relationship among all NTUST-ISA students.

junior sprinter team senior sprinter team basketball table tennis NTUST-ISA Football Team on Sport Day 2007

The result of overall game was won by the senior of NTUST-ISA student, 3-2 for our senior.

Badminton match : Senior (3) vs Junior(0)… this game like Sudirman cup, team match.

Estaffete sprint : won by junior after the last 8 players of junior student reached the finish line first.

Basketball match : won by junior student, i didn’t remember the score.

Table tennis : won by senior student called Iwan… he also known as good athlete in table tennis

Football match : The senior kick 3-2 the junior (senior : Johan”Rooney”, Hendra”Super Sub” (not me), Kevin”Robben” – Junior : Bungkus”Vieri”, Jhoni”The Coach”)

I participated in 3 sport games badminton, table tennis and football. All sport games that I had played have a bad result for my team 😦 . These events was so interesting and funny. We were become together like a family in all day sports event… we were laughing, joking and having fun together. Hope those moment will became an annually event for NTUST-ISA.

The term of senior and junior is not used to make the difference between us… it just a name for this event.

badminton NTUST-ISA in Sport Day

:: hiks… my english is su*k ::


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 3:07 am

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  1. kemampuan bahasa inggrisku juga 0 besar..
    tapi sy beri sedikit catatan.. sekalian mengenali mana yang salah.. ga tahu catatan ini bener apa salah… kalo ada yang tahu silahkan dikoreksi..

    1. “after those event… ga ditambah S ya..? jadi after those events..??? ” bener ga 😀
    2. “these events was…. bukannya pake were bukan was..”
    3. hope sebaiknya hopefully… ??????
    4. kalo will became koq rasanya kurang tepat.. kalo ga salah setelah will + V1..

    hanya sedikit catatan yang kemungkinan banyak salah..
    Nah kenapa sy memerikan catatan..? supaya yang punya nih blog juga bersedia mengoreksi kesalahan penulisan english diblog ku.. hehehe 😀

    Kutunggu lho… “malsa..” 🙂


    Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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