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2 a.m supper

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When I watched right bottom of my laptop, small digital time counter shows 1.55 a.m. I was thinking that I will not go to sleep before dawn shown in the east side of the earth. At that time, I was so hungry. Usually I ate instant noodle (a.k.a Indomie) in the middle of the night, but I feel so bored eat the same kind of food so often. So, I decided to go to 711 (24 hours mini market), still in a school area.

I was looking for chocolate bread, that I love most. But unfortunately, there was empty in the cupboard list. Re-thinking what should I eat for tonight? After some rounds turning around in 711, I chose white bread and milk. Now, I went to drinking box, with out any hesitation I just chose yakult. “Saya minum dua setiap hari” ^_^. In the cashier locket, I saw a pack onion potato chip. I think that was a good taste when I mix it with white bread and milk. Just hurry up went back to my room, because the temperature is cool in the outside. After several minutes, the 2 a.m supper ready to eat 😀 .

The taste is quite amazing, hehehehe 😛

Written by nRa

Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 3:52 am